sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

New Year ... New Art and New Resolutions =)

Been thinking.

I've lived a lot and decided a lot of things during december and the first days of 2011.

Past month was an eye opener for me, I was in a local convention and I was drawing and selling cheap pencil sketches to clients. I did good and I spent almost 8 hrs per day, 2 days in there, drawing, non stop.

And it felt SO GOOD!!!

So, there I decided that I was never going to let anybody to steal this profession again from me =)

There are several projects I have. First to finish late pony commissions, there are 2 that I would love to finish, but I want to give it too much of me that I feel afraid of finishing it. I just need to give it a go. Right now they're looking good =)

And people has been asking me for commissioned ponies again. I'm organizing my times so I can finish everything before February starts.

I'm also planning to sell my latest oil paintings, I'm ready to let them go now =) So I hope to be listing them on Etsy perhaps, I'm not sure. Because nobody I know would pay 300 usd for them.

Also, I'm doing more zombie ponies! I adore making them!!! And they will be listed next week so they arrive on time for Valentine's day ^^

And, I'm starting a new project. I will be finishing 1 work per day. I've just started today with a little ACEO wich I'm loving a lot inspired on the soon-to-be-starting year of the rabbit.

I'm not sure if I'll be uploading this to Etsy or Ebay, I guess it will be etsy. Not sure.

Well, see you tomorrow with a new drawing =)

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